Monday, July 28, 2008

an idea for Newark Liberty Int'l Airport

As I waited to collect a bag at Newark Airport today, it occurred to me that of the New York/New Jersey area's three major airports--Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Newark--only the one in New Jersey isn't named after someone. Instead, Newark's airport bears the rather banal name of Liberty International.

This got me thinking. New Jersey has produced more than its fair share of great figures, and I see no reason why they should go unremembered when there's a perfectly good airport without a decent name just sitting around. So I began to wonder whose name we ought to give to the airport. The only requirement, I figure, is that the airport ought to be named after someone who's already dead--although San Jose, California, happily named its airport after transport secretary Norman Y. Mineta, who is with us still.

The obvious pick would be Amelia Earhart, who used the field in the 1920s. I'd vote for William Carlos Williams International (so much depends / upon packing liquids and gels / in three ounce bottles / within a plastic Ziplock bag). But I'm sure if there were a binding vote we'd all be flying into and out of Bruce Springsteen International.

Interestingly, the airport's dumb name is, of course, a post-9/11 innovation. I'm surprised they didn't call it Freedom Field.

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